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If you have views about TV, we want to hear from you!


The Viewers is a fun research panel for all things telly.

Whether this be giving feedback on what you watched last night, sampling new programmes before anyone else or

helping develop ideas for new TV programmes.


It's free to register and always up to you whether you'd like to take part in anything on offer - whether that be a paid focus group discussion or online surveys and tasks for £s and prizes.


All details provided are used to offer appropriate TV research. We promise to never try to sell you anything or share your details for sales purposes. We follow the Market Research Society's Code of Conduct and are registered with the ICO as a data controller complying with the Data Protection Act & GDPR.


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Nam The Viewers is for all types of TV viewers who enjoy sharing their opinions. So whether you're an ardent fan of particular programmes

or just catch the odd bit of TV, we want to hear from you! Here's a brief overview of what being a member may entail, along with

some thoughts from existing members, but for further information please check out our comprehensive FAQs.


TV channels or programme makers may want to pay for your opinion on all manner of topics whether it be seeing what you thought of a programme you watched last night or getting your thoughts on a new programme still in development.


You could be involved in generating or developing programme ideas, titles, marketing, having your say on major channel changes or even helping launch a new TV channel.


We offer pretty much any type of TV research. Most commonly this would be focus groups  (lighthearted 1.5-2 hour group discussions of 6-8 viewers led by a trained researcher in a local venue or online) or shorter online surveys. We believe our surveys are often more interesting than those offered elsewhere though and may involve getting sneak peaks of new programmes!


You may also be given tasks to complete over a period of time such as a diary of your TV viewing, meet or have a call with a researcher for a one to one interview or attend a preview screening.


You will always be given a breakdown of what would be expected of you before you decide whether you'd like to take part.


Whilst incentives vary, you can expect to get at least £40 cash in hand plus free refreshments for a 90 minute group discussion and often more if the project involves tasks to complete before or after the discussion. Online focus groups offer a similar amount but without the refreshments!


Our online surveys often involve watching clips of programmes and typically pay about £5 for half an hour at whatever time suits you but we also offer shorter surveys and polls for smaller amounts and prize draw entries.


You will always be told the incentive and time required before you decide whether you'd like to take part.

What some of our members think of us

“I attended my first 'The Viewers' focus group this year. The event was very professionally run before, during & afterwards. And very enjoyable too!

Unlike many research companies, the reward for being involved was commensurate with the time & effort involved & payment was made at the end of the session.

I would fully recommend The Viewers to anyone looking for an interesting & rewarding experience"



“Several months ago I attended a focus group about a TV station. It was in London. I found the experience to be interesting and enjoyable. The group was small enough that everyone could be heard. It was well led and I felt comfortable speaking even if my views were not the same as everyone else’s”



“I really enjoyed taking part in the focus group last week. I was given clear instructions prior to the research regarding the homework task & how to find the location. The group itself was relaxed & interesting - the 90 minutes passed by very quickly! I would like to take part in another project in future & would definitely recommend registering with 'The Viewers' "



“I recently attended a focus group discussion arranged by The Viewers & it was a really easy & relaxed couple of hours. We were given food & drinks both before & during the discussion & the focus group was an interesting topic which got everyone involved. I would not hesitate to attend any further projects from The Viewers & could not recommend them enough. A very nice to way to earn some extra ££££s doing something constructive ”



“Have loved doing the focus group brilliant experience and was like being among friends and loved the whole night"



“I participated in my first panel for The Viewers very quickly after signing up, which was a surprise as I anticipated filling in a form and never being contacted.  The team were professional and polite when they contacted me initially.  As for the group itself, the time flew by.  It was fun, different, and thought provoking and I very much enjoyed the opportunity to share my feedback, and also to hear what others thought.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend joining and participating in The Viewers TV Research Panel and I know I am looking forward to being involved in future projects.  They even provide you with snacks and drinks, which is always a bonus! ”



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